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The submission substance is a solid white organic powder with a neutral odour which is not flammable in air.  The relative self-ignition temperature is reported to be 365ºC. Neither melting nor boiling was reported before the sublimation point of 160.7ºC. The predicted vapour pressure is less than 0.001 mmHg at 25°C. The reported water solubility is greater than 600 g/L. Based on this information, it is scientifically reasonable to expect the log Kow to be less than -2.  Greater than 60% of the substance particle distribution falls between 53 µm and 150 µm, while the remaining is greater than 150 µm.


Surface activity is neither expected or predicted from structure, nor is it a desired property of the material. There are no chemical groups associated with explosive properties present in the molecule. The substance does not possess chemical groups associated with oxidising properties. Inspection of the chemical structure shows no functional groups which are associated with dissociation behaviour at relevant environmental conditions.