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ENB is volatile (vapor pressure 5.6 hPa) and hydrophobic (log Pow 3.82). Water solubility of ENB is 80 mg/L. The substance is not readily biodegradable. Measured BCFs of 61-160 a low potential for ENB to bioaccumulate. Using the EPIWIN models, the atmospheric half-life of ENB is estimated to be 105 min and the half-life of reaction with ozone radicals is estimated to be 26 min.

ENB is expected to be slightly to moderately mobile in soil based on a calculated soil adsorption coefficient (Koc) of 916. However, if spilled on soil, Fugacity level I calculations suggest that the majority of ENB released to the environment would partition to air. Vapor phase ENB will be degraded in the atmosphere by reaction with photochemically produced hydroxy radicals and ozone molecules. If released into water, ENB is expected to volatilize to the atmosphere. The model predicts that ultimate biodegradation will take place within a timeframe of weeks. Whilst there is no formal study available to verify this, the model would suggest potential for inherent biodegradability..