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The test substance is a fluid colorless liquid with a relative density of ca. 1 under standard conditions (20 °C, 1 atm) displaying a floral, jasmine-like olfactive note. It freezes below -20°C and boils at temperature higher than 300°C under atmospheric pressure (1atm). It possesses no volatility (vapour pressure = 0.2 Pa at 25°C, calculated Henry constant H= 0.08 Pa m3/mol), self-initiate at a temperature of ca. 259 °C and has a flash point greater than 150°C in standard conditions. It displays no flammability concern according to its structure and handling experience (not pyrophoric, not flammable in contact with water), it is not flammable by ignition below 150 °C and does not possess explosive or oxidizing properties concerns.

The test substance is rather apolar, non-ionisable and hydrophobic (log Pow: 2.93) and moderately soluble (water solubility: ca. 561 mg/l at 20 °C). It possess therefore no potential for bioaccumulation based on its partition coefficient smaller than 4 according to CLP criteria.


In conclusion, according to its physico-chemical data, the test material does not possess any hazardous properties and does not display bioaccumulation concern

Almost all the tests were performed on both qualities, high cis (cis/trans: 85/15) and high trans (cis/trans: 10/90) and gave very similar results proving that the two isomers behave very similarly.


Table: Summary of Physico-Chemical data:



MW (g/mole)


Chemical Class

Saturated alicyclic ester

Physical state/colour/odor

Clear colorless liquid, floral jasmine like odor

MP at 1013 kPa (°C)

< - 20

BP at 1013 kPa (°C)

> 300

Flash Point at 1013 kPa (°C)

> 150

AIT at 980 kPa (°C) (DIN 51794 method)


VP, Pa at 25 °C

2.1 x 10-4

Water solubility (mg/l at 20°C)


Henry’s law constant (Pa m3/mol)


log Pow (22°C)


Dissociation constant (pKa)

no ionosation anticipated in environmentally relevant pH range.

Viscosity at 20 ° C (mPa s)