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IC50, 48h (Algae) = 46 mg/l (growth rate, active ingredient)

EC50, 48h (Daphnia Magna) = 4.3 mg/l

EC50, 96h (fish) = 5.4 mg/l

EL50, repro, Dapnia, 21d > 10 mg/l (test item)

NOELR (FELS, lenght) ca 1 mg/l (test item), 0.62 mg/l (active ingredient, 62 -64% wt)

Additional information

The substance has reliable tests for all the trophic levels for the acute and long term exposures.

Effetcs are observed for all the tests. While in the acute tests Daphnia and Fish present comparable results, in the long term tests, Fish demonstrated as the most sensitive species and the relevant effect oberved has been a reduction in the lenght of the juvenile fish that sets the NOELR ca. 1 mg/l (test item), i.e. 0.62 mg/l (active ingredient, 62 -64% wt)

Based on the chemical nature of the substance, no specific analytical technique is available, but the non-selective TOC analysis was performed for the determination of the test concentrations. Moreover, the dissolution of the substance in the different tests (normal shaking vs WAF technique) had a small impact in the final solubilisation of the substance, expecially when compared short to long term toxicity studies.