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The substance is a liquid amber at room temperature. Some missing phys-chem properties have been taken from the registered substance Fish oil sulphited sodium salt. The substance is the most similar analogues in the group of sulphited/sulphated substances due to the other measured phys chem properties, and the biodegradation behaviour described in the article "The Biodegradabilities of Different Oil-Based Fatliquors" - Zhaoyang Luo • Chunchun Xia • Haojun Fan • Xin Chen • Biyu Peng - December 2010, J Am Oil Chem Soc.

Furthermore, the following table is describing the previsional phys chem properties based on representative structures of the respective acid forms:

    Mp Bp Kow Wsol Vp
Castor Oil sulphated 68187-76-8 349.84 1211.39 15.75 4.33E-14 3.22E-39
Sulphated oil fish 61788-64-5 349.84 1352.62 18.54 1.02E-13 8.25E-43
Sulphited oil fish 97488-98-7 349.84 1323.07 18.49 1.45E-14 7.58E-35
Sulphated oil vegetable 84082-30-4 337.97 768.4 6.02 9.80E-02 6.62E-19
Sulphited oil vegetable 84082-27-9 332.34 756.35 6.62 6.22E-01 1.66E-18
Sulphated oil animal 68153-10-6  349.84 1165.6 19.62 2.22E+17 3.05E-30
Sulphited oil animal 93348-42-6 349.84 1153.55 20.22 1.43E-16 6.81E-30

Also in this table the similarity between the sulphated castor oil and the sulphited derivative is highlighted