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Benzyl alcohol is a colourless liquid with a slightly aromatic odour. Its melting point is -15.4°C and the boiling point 205°C. The density of benzyl alcohol in water at 20°C is 1.045 g/cm3. Benzyl alcohol has a water solubility of 4g/100mL and is miscible with many organic solvents. It has a vapour pressure of 0.167 mmHg (corresponding to 22.26 Pa) at 20°C, which indicates that the substance is volatile. The viscosity is 5.84 mPa*s at 20°C.

Benzyl alcohol is neither ionisable nor surface active and does not dissociate in water (pKa calculated: 15.4). Based on the flash point of ca. 100°C and the high self-ignition temperature of 436°C, benzyl alcohol is not considered to be spontaneously flammable, neither in contact with air (pyrophoric) nor in contact with water.

Based on its molecular structure, benzyl alcohol has neither oxidising nor explosive properties.