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Short-term toxicity to fish:

Key study: experimental result from a study report in Brachydanio rerio, static It is concluded that:

LC50 48 h = 10 -18 mg/L

LC50 96h = 10 -18 mg/L

Short-term toxicity to aquatic invertebrates:

Key study:

EC50(48h):  19.3 mg/L

Toxicity to aquatic algae:

Key study:

ErC10 (72 h): > 16.6 mg/L.

ErC50 (72 h): > 16.6 mg/L.

Toxicity to microorganisms:

Key study: NOEC value of isobornyl acetate is at 20mg/L Supporting studies:

According to the result obtained in the biodegradation test, Isobornyl acetate NOEC value for microbial toxicity is 20 mg/L.

Supporting study: experimental result from a company data report, method of the fermentation tube test. Is is concluded that 24 h- SG = ca. 80 mg/L in bacteria, being SG the German "Schaedlichkeitsgrenze" (equals NOEC).

Supporting study: experimental result from a publication,growth inhibition test.

It is concluded that IBA inhibited Bacillus thuringiensisat levels of the terpene below those found in the foliage of the tree and EC100 <= 40 mg/L.

Supporting study: experimental result from a publication, according to a in vitro inhibition method in agar plates (filter paper disc diffusion assay). It is concluded that 8 µl Isobornyl Acetate/plate inhibited growth of S. aureus, but did not inhibited growth of E. coli nor P. aeruginosa.