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Data with regard to the aquatic toxicity of benzonitrile are available for fish and algae.

The toxicity of benzonitrile for fathead minnow, bluegill and guppy was tested under static conditions for up to 96 hours under soft water and hard water conditions.

The 96-h TLm (median toxic level, equivalent to LC50) of benzonitrile for fathead minnow was determined to be 78 mg/L in hard water and 135 mg/L in soft water.

The 96-h TLm for bluegill and guppy was determined to be 78 mg/L and 400 mg/L, respectively, in soft water.

A study conducted by Wellens, 1982 is referenced in the GESTIS-database on hazardous substances ( The reported median LC50 (96) for Brachydario rerio and Leuciscus idus is 92 mg/l. The minimum value determined in the study is 54 mg/L (species not reported).

The effect of benzonitrile on Scendedesmus quadricauda was assessed in a static laboratory study at pH 7.0 and T = 27 °C. The effect level based on population growth is 75 mg/l.

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