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Benzonitrile is a colorless liquid with characteristic smell like bitter almond.

Melting point is -12.8°C, respectively. The boiling point of benzonitrile is stated to be between 190 to 190.7 °C.

The density of benzonitrile is approximately 1.015 g/L.

The vapour pressure of benzonitrile is 13332.24 Pa at 123.5 °C.

The substance has a relatively low log Kow of 1.5 and a water solubility of 10 g/L at 100 °C.

The surface tension value for benzonitrile is 0.0347 N/m at 25°C.

The flash point for benzonitrile is reported to be between 66 and 75°C.

The auto flammability of the substance is stated to be at 615 °C.

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