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One key study is available for each of the following endpoints with OO-t-butyl-O-(2-ethylhexyl)monoperoxycarbonate:

the acute toxicity of the test item to Danio rerio for a duration of 96 hours was assessed according to the OECD guideline 203 and GLP statement. The 96h-LC50 was greater than the loading rate of 100 mg/L, corresponding to greater than 2.11 mg/L based on geometric mean initial measured concentration.


The acute toxicity of the test item to Daphnia magna was evaluated according to OECD Guideline 202 with GLP statement.

As no immobilization was observed throughout the test, the 48h-EC50 of the test is upper than the highest tested concentration i.e. 100 mg/L expressed as initial loading rate, corresponding to 0.484 mg/L expressed as actual concentration forDaphnia magna.


The toxicity of the test item to algae was assessed according to OECD Guideline 201 with GLP statement. The growth inhibition of the freshwater algal Pseudokirchneriella subcapitata was determined for a duration of 72h. The 72h-ErC50 and 72h-ErC10 based on growth rate were evaluated at 0.214 mg/L and 0.109 mg/L respectively expressed as initial measured concentrations.


One key study is available to assess the effect of the test item on the respiration of activated sewage sludge, using a 3h static test according to OECD guideline 209 with GLP statement. Under experimental conditions, the 3h-NOEC and the 3h-EC50 of the test item is 31.6 mg/L and >1000 mg/L for activated sludge, respectively.