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Category name:
Amines, ethoxylated (NLP) (PFAEO)

Justifications and discussions

Category definition:
The Primary Fatty Amine Ethoxylates Category are substances derived from Primary Fatty amines, ethoxylated with 1 - 4.5 mole ethylene oxide to form a tertiary amine structure, see example below. The structure varies mainly with the length of the fatty amine alkyl chain length. The phys-chem, fate and tox-and ecotoxicology properties are expected to vary in a predictable pattern based only on the variation in chain length.

Category rationale:
The boundaries of the category defined here is for the low end an alkyl chain with a majority of C12 alkyl chain length and in the high end a majority of C18 alkyl chain length. The amount of tertiary amine is >90%, and residual primary or secondary amine is <5%. The amount of ethylene oxide in adduct is in average <3 moles.

A Category justification document is attached to each substance in the category, in section 13.