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Summary of the phys.-chem. key parameters:

Phys.-chem. Property Key parameter Remarks
Appearance/Physical state/Colour white, crystalline solid  
Melting point 398 K  
Boiling point 543 -553 K decomposition
Density at 20°C 1377.5 g/L  
Granulometry Median particle diameter (d50) = 141.7 µm  
Vapour pressure at 20°C 0.000028 Pa OECD 104
Partition coefficient at 20°C 1.98 log Pow
Water solubility at 20°C / pH 5.72 1880 mg/L  
Autoflammability > 676 K no self-ignition observed up to 403 °C
Flammability non flammable  
Explosiveness not explosive  
Oxidizing properties not oxidizing  
Dissociation constant at 20 °C pKa = 8.4