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Long-term toxicity to fish

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long-term toxicity to fish, other
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ECOSAR v1.11
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ECOSAR Version 1.11 Results Page


CHEM   : Ethanol, 2- 2-(2-butoxyethoxy)ethoxy -

CAS Num: 000143-22-6


MOL FOR: C10 H22 O4

MOL WT : 206.28

Log Kow: 0.018      (EPISuite Kowwin v1.68 Estimate)

Log Kow:            (User Entered)

Log Kow:            (PhysProp DB exp value - for comparison only)

Melt Pt:            (User Entered for Wat Sol estimate)

Melt Pt: -30.00     (deg C, PhysProp DB exp value for Wat Sol est)

Wat Sol: 5.843E+005 (mg/L, EPISuite WSKowwin v1.43 Estimate)

Wat Sol:            (User Entered)

Wat Sol: 1E+006     (mg/L, PhysProp DB exp value)


Values used to Generate ECOSAR Profile


Log Kow: 0.018      (EPISuite Kowwin v1.68 Estimate)

Wat Sol: 1E+006     (mg/L, PhysProp DB exp value)


Available Measured Data from ECOSAR Training Set


  No Data Available


ECOSAR v1.11 Class-specific Estimations


Neutral Organics


ECOSAR Class                 Organism            Duration  End Pt   mg/L (ppm)

===========================  ==================  ========  ======   =========

Neutral Organics           : Fish                96-hr     LC50    10215.995

Neutral Organics           : Daphnid             48-hr     LC50     4830.525

Neutral Organics           : Green Algae         96-hr     EC50     1688.285

Neutral Organics           : Fish                          ChV       804.679

Neutral Organics           : Daphnid                       ChV       283.062

Neutral Organics           : Green Algae                   ChV       294.127

Neutral Organics           : Fish (SW)           96-hr     LC50    12709.456

Neutral Organics           : Mysid               96-hr     LC50    36173.469

Neutral Organics           : Fish (SW)                     ChV       411.195

Neutral Organics           : Mysid (SW)                    ChV      5625.995

Neutral Organics           : Earthworm           14-day    LC50      575.733


Class Specific LogKow Cut-Offs


If the log Kow of the chemical is greater than the endpoint specific cut-offs presented below, then no effects at saturation are expected for those endpoints.

Neutral Organics:


Maximum LogKow: 5.0 (Fish 96-hr LC50; Daphnid LC50, Mysid LC50)

Maximum LogKow: 6.0 (Earthworm LC50)

Maximum LogKow: 6.4 (Green Algae EC50)

Maximum LogKow: 8.0 (ChV)

Applicant's summary and conclusion