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Phototransformation in air

Calculations were performed with AOPWIN v1.92 (EPI Suite, 2008). In reaction with hydroxyl radicals, the half-life of the substance was found to be 0.175 days (2.097 hours) at 25°C with 12h-day and 1.5 x 106 The overall OH rate constant was 61.21 x 10-12 cm3/molecule -sec. In reaction with ozone, the half-life of the substance is 0.336 days (8.060 hours) at 25°C and 7x 1011 mol/cm3. The overall ozone rate constant is 3.412500 x 10-17 cm3/molecule-sec.


The hydrolysis of the test substance was tested according to EU method C7. The main test was conducted at 25°C at pH 7 and pH9. DT 50 values were established respectively at 13860 hrs and 219.30 hrs at pH 7 and 9. The substance was stable at pH 4.

Biodegradation in water: screening tests

The substance was biodegraded at 53% after 28 days in an OECD 301B test.

Biodegradation in water and sediment: simulation tests

The substance is inherently biodegradable. Therefore, no further research on biodegradation in water and sediment is necessary.

Biodegradation in soil

The substance is inherently biodegradable. Therefore, no further research on biodegradation in soil is necessary.

Bioaccumulation: aquatic /sediment

The bioaccumulation potential of the substance in fish was estimated using the BCFBAF v3.00 program from EPI Suite (US EPA, 2008). The Log BCF (calculated with Log KOW= 4.39 - Chemical Inspection and Testing Institute, 1992) is 2.564 corresponding to a BCF = 366 wet weight-1.

Bioaccumulation: terrestrial

No data is available on terrestrial bioaccumulation.


Under the test conditions, the chromatogram of propylidynetrimethyl trimethacrylate resulted in two peaks with log Koc values of 2.071 ± 0.002 (peak 1: 2.547 mAU*min) and 3.245 ± 0.004 (peak 2: 56.808 mAU*min) at 25 ± 1 ºC.

Henry's law constant

The Henry's law constant has been calculated with the bond estimation method by the program Henrywin v3.20 (EPI Suite, 2008).

The Henry's law constant is 1.68 x10e-4 Pa m3/mol (6.76 x10e-8 unitless).

Distribution modelling

The distribution of the substance was calculated with the fugacity module of EPI Suite (2008). The distribution of the substance is 0.02% in air, 11.30% in water, 84.90% in soil and 3.78% in sediment.