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Within 28 days a degradation rate of 23 % was determined for the substance. Therefore, the test substance is considered to be “Not Readily Biodegradable“.


Adsorption/ desorption:

For the substance the adsorption coefficient was determined by the HPLC-method according to OECD TG 121. The chromatogram of the test item showed a mixture of 5 peaks corresponding to 5 fractions.

No calibration substance with a Koc-value above the value for the peaks 3 to 5 of the test item was available. For this reason the results for these signals were extrapolated, but taken into account for calculation of the average log Koc value.

The Area % weighted log Koc for all peaks of the test item is determined in the average to be log Koc 5.9.


Henry´s Law constant:

The Henry's Law Constant (HLC) for the substance was predicted using the QSAR calculation of the Estimation Program Interface (EPI) Suite v 4.1. The HLC was estimated to be 1.66*10-30Pa*m3/mol. The result relates to the unaffected molecule of the substance as any decomposition (e.g. hydrolysis) of the substance is not taken into account by the program.

The calculated value is too small for entering as key value. Therefore the smallest value possible (HLC= 0.000000001 Pa*m3/mol) was entered instead as a worst case.