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No toxicity to aquatic organisms is observed upto 99 mg a.i./L. The substance has a low sorption potential and is in potential readily biodegradable. Chen, Yi. et al., (2013 to be published) demonstrated that the EPM is also applicable to cationic substances. The PNEC soil will be derived using the EPM method. No risks are indicated for the terrestrial compartment due to emissions or use of the substance and therefore no additional terrestrial testing in line with Annex IX of REACH is proposed.

In the absence of measured data the PNECsoil can be provisionally calculated using the equilibrium partitioning method (EPM). According to the TGD this method uses the PNECaquaticand the soil/water partitioning coefficient as inputs.

The PNECsoil is then calculated using the equations detailed in the TGD


= Ksoil-water* PNECaquatic* 1000 * 1 / RHOsoil






= 2 mg/L


= 21.9 m3/m3


= 1700 kg/m3(TGD)


= 25.76 mg/kg ww                


= 29.1 mg/kg dw