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Due to the low vapour pressure of amides, C16-C18 (even numbered), a low Henry’s Law Constant and the rapid half-life in air, it is concluded that amides, C16-C18 (even numbered) will not accumulate in air and will not be transported through the vapour phase into other environmental compartments in relevant amounts. Thus, air is not a likely route of environmental contamination and no accumulation and subsequent deposition of amides, C16-C18 (even numbered) is to be expected.

The calculated log Koc of 4.1 - 4.6 indicates a potential to adsorb to soil and sediment. However, due to the ready biodegradability, the substance will not persist in these compartments and as the test substance is poorly soluble in water (< 0.1 mg/L) it is expected that sediments are, if at all, only exposed to very small amounts of the test substance, as amounts will be present in wastewater, they will be eliminated in common wastewater treatment plants to a large amount due to the readily biodegradability of stearamide.

The overall environmental fate profile indicates that amides, C16-C18 (even numbered) is not to be persistence in the environment.