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Di-tridecylamine, branched and linear (CAS 101012-97-9) is predominantly a mixture of branched and linear di-alkyl amins with varying alkyl-chain length in a range between C13 and C29.The main fraction consists of isomers of di-tridecylamine (C26H55N). Secondary fractions were detected to have chain lenghts from C11 to C15. Based on semi-quantification, the following structures and relative fractions were proposed:

Isomers of C13H29N (mono alkyl amine): 0.2%

Isomers of C23H49-N: 0.4%

Isomers of C24H51-N: 4.4%

Isomers of C25H53-N: 8.7%

Isomers of C26H55-N: 81.2%

Isomers of C27H57-N: 3.5%

Isomers of C28H59-N: 1.3%

Isomers of C29H61-N: 0.2%

The main fraction with an amount of > 80% are isomers of C26H55N. For this fraction di-iso-tridecylamine (CAS 57157 -80 -9) was selected as representative substance. The assessment of fate and behaviour is predominantly focussed on this molecule. However, estimations of fate properties were conducted for four molecules of the mixture: the mono alkyl amine (C13H29N), the shortest C-chain molecule of the di-alkyl amines (C23H49N), their main fraction (C26H55N) and their longest C-chain molecule (C29H61N). All estimates were carried out for branched isomers (iso-structures) of the molecules considering a chain length of C11-C15 for the secondary fractions.


In air, the test item (represented by C13H29N, C23H49N, C26H55N and C29H61N) is expected to be rapidly photodegraded by OH-radicals with a half-life of 0.13 -0.34 d (BASF, 2011).

Hydrolysis is not expected due to the absence of hydrolysable groups.


The test item (CAS 101012-97-9) is not readily biodegradable (according to OECD criteria).


Significant accumulation of the test item (represented by di-iso-tridecylamine; CAS 57157-80-9, C26H55N) in organisms is not to be expected.

Transport and distribution

Adsorption of the test item (represented by C13H29N, C23H49N, C26H55N and C29H61N) to the solid soil phase is expected.

From the water surface the test item (represented by C13H29N, C23H49N, C26H55N and C29H61N) will not evaporate into the atmosphere.


Following Mackay Level I, the test item (represented by di-iso-tridecylamine, CAS 57157-80-9, C26H55N) will preferentially distribute into the compartments soil (49.5%) and sediment (50.1%).