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the substance is not PBT / vPvB

The measured data for Cashew Nutshell Extract, Decarboxylated, Distillation Residue (“Distilled Residue Grade”) indicates that the substance currently meets the specific criteria detailed in Annex XIII for P, but not B. It was not possible to come to a definitive view as to whether the T criterion was fulfilled given the available data. On this basis Cashew Nutshell Extract, Decarboxylated, Distillation Residue (“Distilled Residue Grade”) is not a PBT and is not considered to be a vPvB substance. Therefore, an exposure assessment and risk characterisation does not need to be conducted.

To address the issues identified concerning the persistence and bioaccumulation potential of the test substance the following studies are on-going or proposed:

1.            Further biodegradability work is being carried out using a refined study with enhanced bioavailability of the test substance to micro-organisms to support the current conclusions regarding the potential persistence of the test substance.

2.            It is proposed that the potential for bioaccumulation in aquatic biota is clarified by the conduct of an OECD Test Guideline 305 “Bioconcentration: Flow through Fish Test” if this is considered to be technically feasible.