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legal entity composition of the substance
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Composition 1
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the substance is not PBT / vPvB

Based on an enhanced OECD 301 B test, the substance is not readily, but inherently biodegradable with a degradation of 87% after 60 days (BASF SE 2012, report no. 22G0487/11G091) and therefore not persistent (not P/vP). The log Kow (1.99, measured, BASF SE 2012, report no. 11L00324) as well as several QSAR calculations (calculated BCF values range between 2.34 L/kg and 9.92 L/kg, BASF SE 2016, 2017) indicate no potential for bioaccumulation (not B/vB). The substance is not toxic (not T) since the lowest EC10 is > 0.01 mg/L (daphnids, 21d EC10 reproduction = 0.86 mg/L, BASF SE 2013, report no. 51E0487/11E119) and it holds no relevant classification.

In conclusion, the substance is considered to be not PBT / not vPvB.