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After evaporation or exposure to the atmosphere, the substance is expected to be degraded slowly by reaction with OH-radical with a half-life of 35.6 hours.

In contact with water, the substance will hydrolyse slowly (t1/2 (pH 7) = 113 years; t1/2 (pH 8) = 11.3 years).


The substance is readily biodegradable according to OECD criteria.


Regarding the 1-octanol/water partition coefficient, accumulation in organisms is not to be expected.

Transport and distribution

The estimated log Koc indicates that adsorption to the solid soil phase (e.g. clay) is not expected.

From the water surface, the substance will not evaporate into the atmosphere.

Due to the results of the Mackay LEVEL I calculation, over time, the substance will preferentially distribute into the compartment water (99.8%)