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Classification & Labelling & PBT assessment

PBT assessment

Administrative data

PBT assessment: overall result

PBT status:
the substance is PBT / vPvB

Based on the assessment described in the subsections below, the test substance is considered as PBT.

In general, the substance is a hydrocarbon UVCB and contains the group of compounds with different concentrations’ levels and has no main component (unknown and/or unspecified). The substance is composed primarily of aliphatic, naphthenic and cyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, heteroaromatic hydrocarbons and cyclic phenols, so possibly contain thousands of substances. The major contaminants of Tar, brown-coal, low temp., are benzene, toluene, naphthalene, anthracene, phenol, o-cresol, m-cresol, p-cresol, benzo(a)pyrene and others. From many of identified polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in the complex matrix of Tar brown-coal, low-temp., anthracene is the very important substance; it has been confirmed as PBT substance and is present in Tar brown-coal, low-temp., at the amount greater than 0.1%w/w. The Tar brown-coal, low-temp., contains one constituent with PBT properties in individual amounts ≥ 0.1 % (w/w) – anthracene, in typical concentration of 0.18 % w/w (range: ca. 0.08 — ca. 0.25 % w/w), thus the assessed substance is treated like a PBT with regard to emission estimation and exposure control.