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the substance is not PBT / vPvB

For the substance isopropylnaphthalene (MIPN, mixture of isomers), PBT properties according to Annex XIII of Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 (REACH) were evaluated examining the substance itself. Assessment was carried out based on ECHA document "Guidance on information requirements and chemical safety assessment, Chapter R.11: PBT Assessment".

Isopropylnaphthalene (mixture of isomers) consists of two isomers, 1- and 2-isopropylnaphthalene. Physico-chemical properties and behaviour in the environment of the two isomers are very similar, so that these constituents of isopropylnaphthalene are assessed together with the substance isopropylnaphthalene (mixture of isomers) itself.

For isopropylnaphthalene, criteria for P, B, and T properties proved to be not fulfilled. Overall, the substance isopropylnaphthalene (mixture of isomers) has been identified not to be a PBT substance.