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DEGDN was found to undergo biotransformation under both aerobic and anaerobic conditions in waters. In both cases, the biotransformation appears to be organic nutrient-dependent. Biotransformation half-lives ranged from 5 days in the presence of ethanol to greater than 40 days in natural water.

Biotransformation appeared to be very slow in soil under aerobic conditions. In sediment, an irreversible binding of DEGDN was observed and it was difficult to distinguish biotransformation processes from adsorptive properties. The observation that sterilized sediments bound DEGDN as readily as did non-sterile sediment suggests that the physical processes will dominate the loss and movement of DEGDN in sediment.

DEGDN will biotransform with a second order biotransformation rate constant equal to 3.9x10(-11) ml org-1 hr-1. A half-life is expected to be 740 days (DEGDN half-lives can be projected from this average second-order rate constant and estimates of microbial populations). Polar biotransformation products are produced and do not buildup in the medium.