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The test item is a liquid.

The freezing point for the test item was determined to be within the range : -16.5 to -12.3°C. No boiling point could be determined as the test item started to decomposed, the test terminated at 167°C.

The density was found to be 1.23 g/cm3 at 20°C.

The vapour pressure was determined using static method and was found to be 2.45 x 10-03 Pa at 20°C and estimated Log P (mean) of Suprasec 2029 is 15.98.

The water solubility was calculated to be 1.45e-16 g.L-1 (Estimated value ) and 2.20 E-13 g.L-1 (Estimated value using Meylan Equations).

The Closed Cup Flash Point Temperature was found to be >210°C.

During the autoflammability testing, no cool flames were observed. Ignition produced an orange / yellow flame. An exothermic reaction of 3°C magnitude was detected at 485°C, but no ignition observed.

Regarding the flammability, the sample was observed to react slowly with water forming a white solid. The generated gas was not tested for flammability.

The sample is not a pyrophoric liquid and have neither explosive or oxidising properties therefore the test item is Non-Hazardous.

The kinematic viscosity was determined to be at 20°C: 370 cSt.