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No experimental, nor literature aquatic toxicity data are available on the TATD-CLE, therefore the read across approach was evaluated.

The analogues considered were Cefuroxime (EC: 259-560-1; CAS: 55268-75-2) and Ceftaroline fosamil (EC:/; CAS: 400827-46-5).


Cefuroxime was not detected in STP influent and STP and hospital effluent water in Norway[2], and this is the only monitoring conducted in the Nordic countries. Environmental data available are summarized below[1-2,3]:

- Algae S. capricornutum: EC50> 76000 μg/L (72 h) and NOEC ≥ 76000 μg/L

- Daphnia magna, EC50> 831000 μg/L (48 h) and NOEC ≥ 831000 μg/L

- Fish (Oncorhyncus mykiss), a EC50> 100000 μg/L (96 h) and a NOEL > 100000 μg/L was reported.

The PEC/PNEC for Cefuroxime was calculated to be 0.002 (N) and (S).


Environmental data available on Ceftaroline fosamil are[4]:

- Algae: Anabaena flos-aquae NOEC = 1.2 µg/L and Pseudokirch-neriella subcapitata NOEC = 33000 µg/L. Both tests were conducted according to the OECD guideline 201

- Daphnia magna: NOEC = 7900 µg/L; test conducted according to the OECD guideline 211

- Fish: NOEC = 5000 µg/L, test conducted according to the OECD guideline 210


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[2]Thomas, K. V., k. Langford, et al. (2007). SFT report TA-2246/2207. Occurrence of selected pharma-ceuticals in wastewater effluents from hospitals (Ullevål and Rikshospitalet) and VEAS wastewater treatment works. Oslo, SFT, NIVA and NILU: 34 pages.

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