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An experimentally determined average log Koc value of 2.6 (corresponding to a Koc of 437 L/kg) indicates that the substance has a low potential to adsorb to sediment/soil.

To assess the volatilisation potential of the substance a Henry's law constant was calculated which showed a value of 13.1 Pa. m3/mol (at 12 °C). Therefore, some volatilisation from water can be expected.

Based on Level III distribution modelling using EPISUITE (assuming equal and continuous releases to air, water and soil) using the Smiles notation: N#CC(CCCC) c1ccccc1 and the measured physico-chemical parameters as input, it is estimated that the majority of the substance released to the environment will partition mainly into soil (73%) and water (24%) with small amounts to sediment and air (1 and 2%, respectively).

The SimpleTreat model, which is incorporated in EUSES, simulates the distribution of the substance in a Sewage Treatment Plant. Model calculations show that 0% of the substance will be degraded and that 77.3%, 17.7% and 4.9% will partition to water, air and sewage sludge, respectively.