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1,1,1,3,3 -pentachlorobutane (PCBa) is a brown viscous liquid with a slight chlorine odour. No study report are available for several physicochemical properties, but internal Solvay data of limited relaibility are available. Internal data indicate that PCBa has a melting point of -27°C. Boiling points determined under reduced pressures (69.5°C and 82°C at 6 Torr and 14 Torr, respectively) are reported in Beilstein (2001), allowing to extrapolate a boiling point of 120°C at atmospheric pressure. Handbook data (Beilstein, 2001) indicate a relative density of 1.51 at 20°C. A vapour pressure of about 1.3 hPa is reported under environmental conditions. A reliable study was carried out to estimate the ocatnol-water partition coefficient of PCBa (Solvay, 1999) which resulted to be about 2.7 at 20°C. A water solubility of about 40 mg/l is reported. No flashpoint was observed up to 70°C.