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Key value for chemical safety assessment

Effects on fertility

Description of key information
Two studies on reproduction toxicity are available. Both publications were disregarded because they were either published on very specific topic ( Amicarelli et at., 1993), or just an abstract briefly quoted in a textbook (Peters et al. 1977).
Additional information
Short description of key information:
No guideline compatible reproduction toxicity study assessing fertility is available.

In accordance with the REACH legislation only the available data have to be presented. A specific study is not required (Article 18 or Annex VII).

Effects on developmental toxicity

Description of key information
No guideline compatible reproduction toxicity study assessing developmental toxicity / teratogenicity  is available. 

Toxicity to reproduction: other studies

Additional information

Disregarded studies:

Amicarelli, F. et al., Adaptive response of human melanoma cells to methylglyoxal Injury. Chem.-Biol. Interact., 114, 177-189, 1998

Peters, M.A. et al., Toxicity of methyl glyoxal to pregnant and non-pregnant rats. Congress of Toxicology, Abstr., p. 528, 1977, quoted in Schardein, J.L., Miscellaneous Chemicals, in: Chemically Induced Birth Defects, p. 842-869, Marcel Dekker, N.Y., 1993


Justification for classification or non-classification

Based on the available studies on reproduction toxicity, a justification for the classification of pyruvaldehyde is not possible.