Toolkit for promoting the REACH 2018 registration deadline

Does your organisation interact with manufacturers and importers of chemicals who need to register by 31 May 2018? Or, with users of chemicals who need to make sure their uses are being registered?

To help you raise the awareness of your target audiences – and to help us reach out to as many companies as possible, we have put together a toolkit of existing materials and ideas. Most of our material is available in 23 EU languages.

Do you have your own REACH 2018 project? Share it with us at reach-2018(at) If you are a non-profit organisation or a national authority, you can also join the REACH 2018 Communicators' Network.


Share and reuse the existing ECHA REACH 2018 material


  • ECHA leaflets
    • For registrants: Stay on the market – register your chemicals
    • For importers to share with their non-EU customers: Do you export to the European Union?
    • REACH 2018 leaflet for workers
  • REACH 2018 infographic [JPG]


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  • Join the REACH 2018 Communicators' Network
  • Add links to your own web pages and materials
  • Follow, like and share ECHA’s REACH 2018 messages in LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook
  • Promote REACH 2018 in your events
  • Translate ECHA’s Roadmap webinars
    • Free software is available for dubbing
    • Produce automatic subtitles in YouTube from English to your own language
    • ECHA can provide webinar scripts in English


Work together with stakeholders to raise awareness
  • Cooperate at the national level with various organisations to make sure that SMEs know of the REACH 2018 deadline:
    • National industry organisations (representing both registrants and downstream users)
    • National Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) contact points
    • Non-governmental organisations (NGOs)
    • Big retailers selling chemicals
    • National media
    • Relevant ministries (responsible for workers’ protection, environment, consumer protection, health, economics)
    • Customs
  • Ask sector organisations/chemicals retailers/NGOs to volunteer in advertising the REACH 2018 Roadmap by printing out the web page link in their:
    • advertising products
    • sales receipts
    • email signatures
  • Invite various national actors to your local events
  • Pitch REACH 2018 articles to magazines or journals that publish articles related to chemicals, health, environment and industry matters.
  • Provide national actors with information and contact details on service providers (consultants and laboratories carrying our REACH-related testing). Consider:
  • Inform and invite the national media when events are organised
  • Promote REACH 2018 in the general media for maximum outreach/outreach through unconventional audiences:
    • Publicity spots in TV. You can use the REACH 2018 video
    • Radio spots
  • Collaborate with ministries/politicians in the fields of environment, health, entrepreneurship and industry. Invite them to your events.
  • Investigate with ministries what national products reach out to all economic operators. Use those products to advertise the deadline and the existing support material. For example, the UK authorities send a letter to companies through the tax service.
  • Invite ECHA speakers in your events. ECHA prioritises events that reach a large audience, are targeted for SMEs, and is free-of-charge for participants.


Monitor the progress of REACH registration in your country
  • Contact pre-registrants directly
  • Contact companies through inspectors
  • Use different sources to find out which companies may have obligations under REACH:
    • List of pre-registrants for your country (available to competent authorities on demand by ECHA).
    • Inspectors
    • EEN contact points in your country
    • Chambers of commerce
    • National industry organisations
    • Customs
    • Other national institutions where companies register their commercial activities
  • Use ECHA’s products to monitor the registration progress and contact pre-registrants:
    • REACH 2018 statistics per country
    • Lead registrant list
  • Ask inspectors to check the status of REACH registration during their regular inspection visits