Submit your registration dossier


Your registration dossier should now be ready to submit in REACH-IT. If you submit before April 2018, you will benefit from a reduced processing time and receive ECHA’s decision on your registration within three weeks of your submission. Otherwise, you may only receive your decision at the end of August 2018.


Before you submit

Before the submission process can begin, the lead and member registrants need to identify themselves and the joint submission to which they belong to in REACH-IT. Remember also to check that the contact details of your company are up-to-date in REACH-IT.

If you are a lead registrant, you will need to submit your registration dossier before the members can submit theirs. To give the member registrants sufficient time to submit before the 31 May 2018 deadline, you are advised to submit your dossier before April 2018.

If you are a member registrant, be active in the substance information exchange forum (SIEF) and follow the progress of the joint part of the registration so that you know when the lead registrant submits their dossier.

Steps to a successful submission

Whether you are submitting a IUCLID dossier, or using the ‘prepare and submit’ functionality in REACH-IT, submitting your registration is easy. The REACH-IT submission wizard and the embedded help text will guide you through every step of the submission process.

Tasks after submission

ECHA will perform a series of checks on your dossier and will keep you informed every step of the way. Check your Tasks page in REACH-IT as you may be requested to perform additional tasks within a set timeframe. At this stage, these may include updating your dossier if the initial dossier fails one of ECHA’s checks, or you may be required to pay the registration fee. ECHA cannot accept late payments for registration fees so it is very important that you pay the fee by the due date of the invoice.

You will receive a registration number once your dossier has passed all of ECHA’s checks and the invoice for the registration fee has been paid.