Find your co-registrants


Obligation to work together with your co-registrants

All co-registrants for the same substance are part of a cooperation group called a substance information exchange forum (SIEF). They all have to share scientific data on the substance and register jointly.


Find your co-registrants

Find who intends to register or has already registered your substance. Many substances have already been registered. A list of already registered substances is published on ECHA's website.

  1. If your substance is already registered:

    Find out who the lead registrant is. You probably received emails from that company already. Otherwise, check from the Joint submission pages in REACH-IT. The lead registrant will put you in contact with the SIEF.
  2. If your substance has not been registered yet:

    Find the contact details of your potential co-registrants in the pre-SIEF pages of REACH-IT. Review your own contact details.

Substance sameness

Once you are in contact with the SIEF, confirm that your substance is the same as in the existing registration. If your substance has not been registered yet, check with all co-registrants that you intend to register the same substance before forming a SIEF.


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