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UK's withdrawal from the EU

The United Kingdom is withdrawing from the European Union. From 30 March 2019 onwards, the UK will be a “third country” outside the EU.


REACH/CLP and downstream users

Users of chemicals are affected by REACH/CLP in a number of ways, and their obligations depend on their activities and the chemicals they handle.



How to find information about chemicals

ECHA maintains one of the world's largest regulatory databases on chemicals. Users have easy access to information on 120 000 chemical substances on the EU market through three layers: infocard, brief profile and source data.



REACH 2018 – registration deadline for low-volume chemicals

The last registration deadline for existing chemicals will be on 31 May 2018. This deadline concerns companies that manufacture or import substances in low volumes, between 1-100 tonnes a year.




Online toolkit for the new hazard pictograms

ECHA is partnering the EU-OSHA "Healthy Workplaces" campaign by promoting the safe use of chemicals. The two EU agencies jointly launched the online toolkit, which includes the film "Danger: chemicals!", a poster and a leaflet alerting employers and workers to the meaning of the new hazard pictograms introduced by the CLP Regulation. The online toolkit represents a practical response to the need for raising further awareness about the new danger signals, which was identified in ECHA's recent survey on "Communication on the Safe Use of Chemicals".




Media material on SIEFs

Media material on companies' experiences, including SMEs, on working within SIEFs. Companies represent different fields of industry and are geographically located around Europe or around the globe. One thing in common is that they have to meet the deadlines of REACH and CLP. Materials include number of articles, press releases and photographs.