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Corporate and visual Identity

ECHA's visual identity is an integral part of our corporate identity. It is a necessary project for an organisation that has reached its maturity and is reflecting upon its development and future goals.

Having a consistent visual identity is crucial for building awareness and trust in our organisation. The new visual identity signals our customer-oriented approach, and gives a coherent and consistent image of the mature and highly professional organisation that we are. When creating the visual identity, coherent templates have been established, so that our work with internal and external documents is eased.

In the Visual Identity manual, you can find information about ECHA's:

- Corporate identity framework (logo, visual elements, typography, imagery guidelines etc.)
- Document, web and visual elements templates
- Audio-visual products

Visual Identity manual

Tools and materials

Corporate and visual Identity

ECHA's image gallery contains two parts: photos and banners. You can use the images if the source is mentioned. To download the banners, right-click and save the file to your computer.
ECHA's video library contains the ECHA videos and video tutorials. The videos are hosted in ECHA's YouTube channel.

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