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Q Creating a joint submission for a UVCB substance without numerical identifiers (EC/CAS)

When forming a joint submission, you are required to first agree on the substance’s chemical name with all of your co-registrants. Therefore, we recommend that you first read ECHA's "Guidance for identification and naming of substance under REACH and CLP" chapter 4.3. UVCB substances. Also consult our Sector-specific support for substance identification, on certain UVCB substance types (e.g. oleochemicals, essential oils, metals, etc.).

The chemical name of the UVCB substance must be reported in the ‘IUPAC name’ field of the reference substance in section 1.1. of your IUCLID dossier. This applies even if the naming conventions for UVCB substances do not follow the IUPAC nomenclature.

The spelling of the chemical name is important, the name needs to be identical both in your joint submission in REACH-IT and in IUCLID dossier section 1.1 ‘Identification’. This is important in order to pass the business rules check. The name should not contain spelling errors or additional spaces between words or characters.

Creating a joint submission

  1. Start your registration by creating a new joint submission. Use the ‘insert the substance identity manually’ link, found in the checklist of joint submission creation wizard (see picture).

  2. In the next step, search for your substance name and then create the joint submission by its ‘chemical name’ (see picture).

  3. Select ‘other name’ or ‘IUPAC name’ depending on the naming convention of your substance as the ‘chemical name type’ and insert the derived name of your UVCB substance into the field and click continue (see picture). This will be the name of your substance in REACH-IT.

  4. REACH-IT might suggest other already pre-registered or registered constituents with similar names; please ensure that you select ‘your constituent’ at the bottom of the page and click ‘continue’ (see picture).

  5. The name has now been added to the section ‘selected constituents’ (see picture). Click ‘continue’ and confirm you substance identity and continue with the joint submission creation wizard.


Prepare and submit your dossier as part of the joint submission you created.

Remember to report all the identified constituents of your UVCB substance in IUCLID dossier section 1.2 ‘composition’. For further information on composition requirements for UVCB substances consult our guidance “How to prepare registration and PPORD dossiers.” on page 32. Also, fill in the ‘Description’ in section 1.2 including the identity of the starting materials and a description of the production process used to manufacture the substance. For Manufacturing process description see Q&A 1199.

Once you have submitted your dossier

A numerical identifier will be issued to your substance once it has passed the business rules check. Export the EC number from the joint submission page and use it in the reference substance in any future updates. Members submitting after the lead has passed the business rules check should export the issued EC number from the joint submission page and use the numerical identifier and the correct IUPAC name in section 1.1 of the IUCLID dossier. Instructions on how to download and export the EC number can be found in Q&A 1258.


Data modyfikacji: 27/01/2020
Topic: REACH
Scope: Joint submission of data by multiple registrants
Chapter: B. Joint submission, creation/deletion
ID: 1499
Wersja: 1.0

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