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Acute oral toxicity: LD50 = 614 mg/ kg bw/ day for both sexes

Key value for chemical safety assessment

Acute toxicity: via oral route

Endpoint conclusion
Dose descriptor:
614 mg/kg bw

Additional information

No data are present in this dataset for the acute inhalation and dermal toxicity as no freely published information was available.

Acute oral toxicity:

So far, for the acute oral toxicity, two studies are reported in this dataset. Both are based on the acute standard testing method. They also both are similar to the OECD guideline 401.

One study is a GLP study report from Hoechst AG (1984), where the authors tested the acute oral toxicity of 4-chloro-benzotrichloride (CAS n° 5216-25-1) according to the former OECD guideline 401. They administered one oral dose ranging from 315 mg/kg bw to 800 mg/kg bw with a gastric probe to five wistar rats at each dose (both sexes) . They followed the mortality, performed clinical examinations and gross pathology on dead rats (surviving rats killed) over an observation period of fourteen days.

At the end of the experiment, the authors estimated by probit analysis a LD50 of 652 mg/kg bw for male rats and a LD50 of 581 mg/kg bw for female rats. The mortality was correlated with well documented clinical and gross pathology observations (e.g: breathing disruption, signs of anxiety...). After statistical analysis, the authors concluded that the LD50 for wistar rats in the test conditions was estimated at 614 mg/kg bw.

An other study report is documented in this dataset. This other study is a study report from Bayer AG (1980) where 4 -chloro-benzotrichloride was tested only on male Wistar rats. The study is less documented but still gives sufficient information to be considered as reliable. Furthermore, the authors found in this study a LD 50 around 690 mg/ kg bw/day. This value is in line with the previous reported information and gives good support to the study from Hoechst AG.

Justification for classification or non-classification

According to the criteria of the CLP regulation n° 1272/2008, the 4 -chloro-benzotrichloride should be considered as an acute toxic category 4 since the LD 50 for rats following a single oral administration is between 300 and 2000 mg / kg bw.