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Dibenzyltoluene (called now Dibenzylbenzene, ar-methyl derivative) is not considered to be a PBT substance. It does not meet the P/vP criterion based on screening data. Its predicted metabolites do not fulfill the screening P/vP criteria. Dibenzyltoluene (Dibenzylbenzene, ar-methyl derivative) meets the B criterion based on screening data, but its first metabolite does not fulfill the screening B criterion. PBT/vPvB assessment for dibenzyltoluene (dibenzylbenzene, ar-methyl derivative) has already been carried out by European Competent Authorities. Dibenzyltoluene (dibenzylbenzene, ar-methyl derivative) bore the number 43 on the list of candidate substances. The report can be found in chapter 13 "ECB PBT working group".