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EU inspectors to check consumer products for hazardous substances

The Enforcement Forum agreed that its major enforcement project planned for 2022 (REF-10) will focus on integrated checks of products that control several duties from different pieces of legislation – mostly related to articles, but also to mixtures. Most of the products are expected to be consumer products.

Candidate List update: Four new hazardous chemicals to be phased out
The additions include three substances that are toxic to reproduction and one endocrine disruptor. The Candidate List of substances of very high concern (SVHCs) now contains 209 substances that may have serious effects on people or the environment.
Biocides committee recommends approving three active substances
ECHA’s Biocidal Products Committee (BPC) also concluded that esbiothrin should not be approved for use in insecticides and acaricides as it poses an unacceptable risk to human health.


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