Outstanding information requests for existing substances

Since 1 June 2008, requests to manufacturers and importers to submit information to the European Commission under certain Commission Regulations that have been adopted in application of Regulation (EEC) No 793/93 are also considered as ECHA decisions taken under REACH substance evaluation (Article 136 of REACH). The respective information will need to be submitted to the MSCA that had initially been identified as the rapporteur under Regulation (EEC) No 793/93. In addition, the manufacturers/importers are responsible for submitting such information to ECHA in an IUCLID dossier update, by the deadline defined in the decision.

In accordance with Articles 46 and 48 of REACH, the MSCAs are responsible for reviewing this information and informing ECHA of any follow-up action required.

The information requested and the MSCAs in charge are specified in the following Commission Regulations (EC) No:

  • 465/2008
  • 466/2008
  • 506/2007
  • 565/2006
  • 642/2005
  • 2592/2001

For the 16 substances listed in Regulation (EC) No 465/2008, ECHA has nominated the MSCAs to carry out the evaluation of the new information received from the manufacturers/importers.

Consult the list of existing substances subject to transitional measures


These are the substances for which there were pending information requests before REACH came into force and for which the designated MSCA is currently preparing a conclusion document, in some cases in the form of an updated risk assessment or a PBT fact sheet.

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