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Q What should I do if I did not submit my registration dossier by 31 May 2018 deadline?

31 May 2018 was the last chance to submit a registration for existing (phase-in) substances manufactured or imported in amounts of more than one tonne per year. If the registration obligation applied to you, but you did not submit your dossier by then, as of 1 June you can no longer manufacture or import your substance legally in the EU/EEA. You may, however, continue placing on the market any stock that was manufactured/imported before the deadline.

If you missed the deadline, you should make yourself compliant without delay:

  • If you have pre-registered or inquired about your phase-in substance, you can register it directly (until further notice, you can still use the pre-registration number).
  • If you have not pre-registered or inquired about your phase-in substance, you need to submit an inquiry before registering it.

If you submit your dossier after 31 May, you will need to wait until you receive your registration number before resuming or starting manufacture or import of your substance.


Wijzigingsdatum: 12/06/2018
Topic: REACH
Scope: REACH Registration
ID: 1513
Versie: 1.1

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