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Specific reports

ECHA reports focused on specific issues, as described below.


Specific reports

Operation of REACH and CLP

These reports highlights the progress made in the operation of the REACH and CLP regulations. The reports are sent to the European Commission every five years.

Alternatives to animal testing

These reports give the latest status on the use of non-animal test methods and testing strategies. The reports are sent to the European Commission every three years.

Integrated regulatory strategy

These reports highlight the work done to provide support to authorities to address substances of concern as quickly as possible.

The latest report can also be found on the Addressing chemicals of concern section of our website.


These reports tell about the progress made in checking whether registrations comply with REACH requirements, providing recommendations to registrants on how they can improve their dossiers.

The latest progress can be found in the Evaluation section of our website.

Applications for authorisation

These reports outline the activities undertaken to improve the authorisation process and control the risks related to substances of very high concern (SVHCs) and promote their progressive replacement with suitable alternatives.

The latest reports can be found on the Applications for authorisation section of our website.


These reports show the work being done to limit, ban or place conditions on the production, placing on the market or use of chemicals that pose an unacceptable risk to human health or the environment.

The latest reports can be found on the Restrictions section of our website.

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