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Some of the physicochemical properties of the substance have been estimated by the models in EpiSuite v.4.11, because of the physico chemical characteristic of the substance, which makes practically impossibile to measure some of them. . Experimental results were used for the evaluation of auto-flammability, flash, melting and boiling point of the substance.

The substance is a clear colourless liquid at 20 °C and 1013 hPa.The freezing point was less than -9.6 °C and the boiling point was determined as more than 300°C at 101325 Pa. At 25 °C, the relative density is 0.9137and the vapour pressure has been estimated at 0.00162 Pa. The surface tension can not be measured based on the solubility in water of the substance. Its logPow was calculated to be equal to 8.64 at 25 °C which means that it has a greater affinity for the organic phase. The substance is not soluble in water (2.99*10 -3mg/l, 20 °C). The substance does not present and hazard for its physico-chemical properties.