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Short-term toxicity to fish

The acute toxicity of the structural analogue Blue Sema to Danio rerio was determined in a 96-hour semi-static test according to EU Method C.1 and OECD Guideline 203.The 96 -h NOEC was determined to be 0.32 mg/L (equivalent to 100 mg/L nominal concentration) and the LOEC > 0.32 mg/L (equivalent to > 100 mg/L nominal concentration).

Short-term toxicity to aquatic invertebrates

No toxic effects of the test item were recorded up to the solubility limit of the test item in the test medium, which corresponds to 0.45 mg/L (geometric mean measured) and a nominal loading rate of 100 mg/L. Therefore, the 48-hour EC50 was determined to be > 0.45 mg/L (geometric mean measured).

Toxicity to aquatic algae and cyanobacteria

The test item is a dye which stains the water and makes the performance of an algae toxicity study technically impossible. Thus, the study does not need to be performed according to REACH Regulation Annex XI, section 2.

Toxicity to aquatic plants other than algae

In this 7-day growth inhibition study on Lemna sp. (Lemna gibba) the obtained results showed that the test item Leuco Sulfur Blue 13 presscake had not any toxic effect on the test system.

The overall 7-day NOEC was determined to be 0.305 mg/L (nominal 25 mg/L).

The overall 7-day LOEC was determined to be > 0.305 mg/L (nominal > 25 mg/L).

All validity criteria were met. The results are based on the nominal and on the time-weighted mean of the measured test item concentrations.

Toxicity to aquatic microorganisms

In an Activated Sludge Respiration Inhibition Test with the read across substance Blue Sema (CAS No 1040873-93-5), the EC10 and EC50 values were determined as greater than 1000 mg/L. Based on the statistical evaluation in this test the NOEC was 1000 mg/L.

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