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The substance is a white to off-white powder at 20 °C and 1013 hPa. The melting point range is 170.2 °C and the boiling point was not determined as decomposition > 274.6 °C was observed before the boiling. The densityis 1.4795g/ml at 20 °C and the vapour pressure is 0.0185Pa at 135 °C. The surface tension is not expected based on its chemical structure. Its logPow is -0.616 at pH 2.07 and 20 °C which means that it has a greater affinity for the aqueous phase. The substance is very soluble in water (797.2 ± 6.4 g/l at 20 °C and pH 8.11-8.21). No autoignition temperature is determined up to the melting point of the substance and it is not flammable. The substance is not considered as explosive or oxidising. Its median particle size is 154.7 µm and the D10 and D90 is 4.5 μm and 1058.1 μm respectively.