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Acid Red 097:1 is an odourless and soluble red powder. The substance is expected to decompose before melting and boiling, for this reason neither vapour pressure nor flash point are defined. Surface tension is not a desirable property of the substance.

Acid Red 097:1 is expected to have a relative density of ca. 1.57 and a log Kow of ca. - 1.1192. The median mass diameter after 2 minutes of ultrasonic treatment is in the range of the thoracic fraction (10 – 100 µm).

The compound is presumably non flammable, non oxidising, non explosive and has no spontaneous ignition property.


The physical and chemical properties of the multicomponent Acid Red 097:1 have been evaluated based on the tests conducted on one of the two components, the substance is composed by the sodium salt and the acidic form of the same substance.

The complete Justification for the Read Across approach is reported in each endpoint summary interested.