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Physical & Chemical properties

Endpoint summary

Administrative data

Description of key information

Physico-chemical properties were determined from experimental testing. Some endpoints were waived, based on chemical structure of the constituents.

The substance is liquid at ambient temperature, with low volatility.

In water, it is slightly soluble, less dense (so expected to float), with no dissociation anticipated, and no significant surface-active properties.

It has potential for bioaccumulation and aquatic chronic toxicity, based on CLP criteria.

It is NOT classified as dangerous with regard to physical hazards, based on CLP criteria.

Additional information

Summary of relevant physico-chemical properties:

Endpoint (method)




Clear, colourless to pale straw coloured, liquid.

Freezing point

(EU A1, crystallising point)

< -20°C

Boiling range

(EU A2, distillation)

282 to 303°C (normal atmP)

Relative density

(EU A3, pycnometer)

D204= 0.938

Vapour pressure

(EU A4, isoteniscope)

17.2 Pa at 20°C

Log Kow

(parent: EU A8, flask)

(C6: OECD117/EU A8, HPLC; C7: QSAR)


Parent: 4.68 (at 22.5°C)

Transformation product: 4.33 for C6 isomers, 4.4 for C7

Water solubility

(OECD 105, flask modified with slow-stirring)

4.7 mg/L (20°C, pH 6.5)

Surface tension

(EU A5/ISO304, ring)

62.4 mN/m at 3.9 mg/L (83% saturation) and 18.5°C


Flash point

(EU A9/ISO1523, equilibrium closed cup)

Auto-ignition temperature

(EU A15/IEC79-4)

Contact with air or water

(data waiving, based on chemical structure and experience)


(data waiving, liquid)






No flammable properties expected.


(method not applicable)

Explosive properties

(data waiving, based on chemical structure + EU A14 Koenen tube test and BAM fall hammer)

No potential.

No sensitive to heat or shock.

Oxidising properties

(data waiving, based on chemical structure)

No potential.

Stability in organic solvents

(data waiving, based on chemical structure and experience)

Not expected to be critical.

 Dissociation constant

(data waiving, based on chemical structure)

No ionisable function.


(OECD 114/DIN 53015, rolling ball)

14.8 mPa.s at 20°C, 6.77 mPa.s at 40°C (7.22 mm2/s at 40°C)

 Self-reactive properties

(data waiving, based on chemical structure)

 No potential.

 Organic peroxide

(data waiving, based on chemical structure)

 Not a peroxide.

It should be noted that slight variations of the properties could be observed within the purity or isomers composition range.