Information requirements

Submission of outstanding information to MSCAs

Under transitional measures (Art. 136(1) and 136(2) of REACH), manufacturers and importers should submit outstanding data on existing priority substances that the European Commission has requested from them directly to the Member State Competent Authority (MSCA) in charge. Such authorities were specified in the Commission Regulations (EC) No 465/2008, 466/2008, 506/2007, 565/2006, 642/2005 and 2592/2001.

For each of the 16 substances without rapporteur, identified under Regulation (EC) No 465/2008, ECHA has nominated a MSCA that will be responsible for evaluating the new information received from industry. The contact information of these MSCAs or of a body performing the evaluation on behalf of the MSCA is available here.

Updated assessments

When a MSCA updates the relevant risk assessment and/or PBT (i.e. persistent, bio-accumulative and toxic) fact sheet for one of the existing substances subject to transitional provisions, it will be made available here. Such documents have not been peer reviewed or approved by ECHA and thus they do not reflect the position of ECHA on these particular substances. The documents are provided for information only. Industry should take note of them, for example while preparing their registration dossiers under REACH.

Article 48 follow-up action

If follow-up actions are needed for these existing substances that fall under the transitional provisions of REACH, e.g. identification as a Substance of Very High Concern (SVHC) and subsequently need for authorisation, a restriction proposal or a proposal for harmonised classification and labelling, information on those processes are being made available under the relevant sections of the ECHA website,