Chromium (VI) restriction preparation: what you need to know about the second call for evidence

Online | 06/06/2024 | 11:00 - 13:00

*All times are Helsinki time (EEST, GMT+3).

ECHA has received an updated mandate from the Commission to prepare a proposal for a possible restriction on chromium (VI) substances. This update complements the original request from September 2023, which focused on only two entries currently listed on the REACH Authorisation List, namely chromium trioxide (entry 16) and chromic acids (entry 17).

The updated mandate now includes chromium (VI) substances specified in entries 16 to 22 and 28 to 31 of the REACH Authorisation List. ECHA has also been requested to consider other chromium (VI) substances not listed on the Authorisation List, in particular barium chromate (EC 233-660-5).

Given the wider scope, ECHA will launch a second call for evidence in June to support the preparation of the restriction proposal. In that call we are hoping to receive more information on uses of chromium (VI) substances added in the updated mandate. From previous applications for authorisation we know that these substances are particularly used in the aerospace and defence sector.

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Note: experts will only cover questions related to the scope of the webinar, i.e. how and what type of data you can submit during the second call for evidence.

Who should attend

This webinar is intended for interested parties including:

  • Companies using Cr(VI) substances (i.e. Cr(VI) substances currently listed in REACH Annex XIV (entries 16 to 22 and 28 to 31), as well as barium chromate (EC 233-660-5))
  • Companies that have not reported on their uses in the first call for evidence
  • Companies offering or using alternatives to Cr(VI) substances
  • Manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, importers of Cr(VI) substances and/or its alternatives
  • Sector associations, NGOs and other stakeholders as well as Member State Authorities holding relevant information

What you will gain

Participants will get clarification on the scope of the restriction preparation, an overview of the main outcomes of the first call for evidence, and more details on the additional data requested in the second call for evidence.



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Updated mandate and scope of the restriction preparation

Sandrine Lefevre-Brévart, ECHA


Outcome of the first call for evidence

Christoph Rheinberger, ECHA


Overview of the second call for evidence

Väino Nurmi, ECHA





Q&A open for remaining questions

All presenters and panellists