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7 million searchable articles in SCIP database improve transparency on hazardous chemicals

Since January 2021, nearly 7 000 companies have successfully submitted millions of notifications on substances of very high concern in their products to ECHA.

Helsinki, 2 February 2022 – One year after the SCIP duty kicked in for companies to submit data to ECHA on substances of very high concern in their products, the SCIP database displays 7 million searchable article notifications, from nearly 7 000 companies across the EU. Most notifications have come from companies in Germany, followed by Italy and France.

Anyone can access the database and search by article name, brand, product category, type of material, chemical name or SCIP number. The information helps consumers to make more informed and sustainable purchasing choices. Waste operators can use the data to improve their current re-use and recycling practices. The data also increases knowledge about harmful chemicals in supply chains and can help drive the phasing out of these harmful chemicals.

Industry has made use of ECHA’s tools to facilitate their submissions. 77 % of the received data was sent using the system-to-system service that allows companies to prepare data in their own IT tools and automatically submit it to the SCIP database. 22 % of the data has been prepared using IUCLID offline, and 1 % using IUCLID Cloud services.

Companies have also complied with their duty by referring to data that was previously submitted to the SCIP database. 54 % of received notifications are simplified SCIP notifications and 7 % of received dossiers used referencing.

In 2022, ECHA will continue improving the way information is displayed in the database, making the system more stable, and helping stakeholders through support materials, the ECHA Helpdesk and events.

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SCIP database


Monthly notifications to SCIP database

Industry has submitted over 15 million notifications to the database since October 2020 using ECHA’s tools. This number includes also notifications that refer to data notified earlier by other actors in the supply chain. The SCIP database does not display these notifications that refer to previously submitted data and do not themselves contain any additional article data. Therefore, 7 million notifications are displayed in the database.

Number of submitting companies (legal entities) per country:

  • Austria,  207
  • Belgium,  211
  • Bulgaria,  59
  • Croatia,  43
  • Cyprus,  14
  • Czech Republic,  221
  • Denmark,  194
  • Estonia,  41
  • Finland,  158
  • France,  499
  • Germany,  1861
  • Greece,  74
  • Hungary,  131
  • Ireland,  125
  • Italy,  1442
  • Latvia,  29
  • Lithuania,  44
  • Luxembourg,  18
  • Malta,  9
  • Netherlands,  410
  • Poland,  272
  • Portugal,  95
  • Romania,  86
  • Slovakia,  91
  • Slovenia,  62
  • Spain,  315
  • Sweden,  381
  • Total: 7092