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REACH 2018


10 years of REACH registration

For 10 years, chemicals companies have assessed the risks of their chemicals used in Europe and sent that information to ECHA according to the criteria set out in the REACH Regulation.

Today, we know more than ever before about the chemicals on the EU/EEA market, their properties and impacts. Companies are able to advise their customers on how to use them safely. ECHA together with the national authorities and the European Commission will use the knowledge to design EU wide measures to protect our citizens and the environment from any harmful effects.

Inti affettwat mill-iskadenza?

Jekk inti timmanifattura sustanzi kimiċi jew timportahom minn barra l-UE f'ammonti li jaqbżu t-tunnellata fis-sena, jista' jkollok obbligi ta' reġistrazzjoni taħt REACH. Barra minn hekk, jekk timmanifattura jew timporta prodott (taħlita, oġġett), jista' jkun fih sustanzi li jeħtieġu reġistrazzjoni individwali.

Jekk għandek sustanzi reġistrati bil-quddiem li timmanifattura jew timporta minn barra l-UE f'ammonti li jaqbżu t-tunnellata iżda ma jaqbżux il-100 tunnellata fis-sena u għadek ma rreġistrajthomx, l-iskadenza tar-reġistrazzjoni tal-31 ta' Mejju 2018 ta' REACH tikkonċernak.

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REACH 2018

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